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Re: game schedule

e9/bhl all play between 28 and 32 on top of the 5-10 you played during parity. If you only have 25 then your org has more work to do to get their games scheduled.

Re: game schedule

Boston Hockey League Parent
Boston Hockey league schedule is out and I noticed most teams have a 25 game schedule this year compared to 30 games last year. I also noticed most EHF tier I teams play a 35 game schedule. There's always a lot of talk on here about comparing the two leagues. I feel like I'm getting ripped off this year.

Ha ha. that makes 3 teams in 3 years Im guessing. that's the price you pay for the grass is greener approach. Or you just loved the label that little Jonny plays for an Elite team, but after early season parity and implosion list, you didn't make the E9, thus a lowly select reject. It's gonna be a long year for you. Don't be too bitter bc I bet you have town hockey on the side.