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Re: My Hockey Rankings

E9 top teams have their chance to improve in the rankings too - beat the weaker teams by 7 goals.
They might get dinged on the SoS rating, but you can make up for that with dominating wins.

Just have to avoid the 2-goal wins against bad teams.

Maybe that formula won't help you break the top-10, but you can hover inside the Top25 all year that way.

That is true, and a few do, but as you know these kids play up or down to their competition so there are very few 7 goal spreads. The goal is generally to win, not to win by 7.

Re: My Hockey Rankings

The first 7 goals are to cover the MHR 7 goal max spread. Everything after that is to put a satisfied smile on my it up!!!

Re: My Hockey Rankings

Agree it too early but for the 05s, I'd say the top 5 or 6 won't change much. Quality kids and programs.