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Re: Express Super Team

Agreed...what's the real agenda?? Why are you so butt hurt???

Who cRes. There 13. Kids will play where with there friends and where mommy and daddy can drive them. Every team seems to be a super team. And every team is imploding. What else is new.

Re: Express Super Team

On the the team. Filled with punks. First and last year with this program.

Re: Express Super Team

Choo Choo
Sorry dude, kid not cut. Asked to play and told they were Tier 1 and would be "better than any 02 EHF team". Funny. Opted to stay with our EHF elite team. Good luck with those tough Tier 2 teams!

Do you feel like a loser knowing that your kid got cut and you got caught bashing the program to make yourself feel better? Or do you feel like a BIGGER loser saying you're staying with your EHF Elite team when you're posting this driving back from Crimson practice?

Re: Express Super Team

Tier 2