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Re: 05 Implosion list week 3

What's the story with Advantage Ice? Didn't they win the E9? Sorry not familiar.

Re: 05 Implosion list week 3

The 05 Ice is no where near the same team as last year. Half their team moved on. They will be lucky to win as many games as they lost last year!

Re: 05 Implosion list week 3

The 05 Caps' assistant coach played in the NHL for goodness sake, the head coach comes from a long line of hockey players/coaches, and has an even-keeled approach. Take a deep breath, this team will be fine. Talk to me at the end of the season. No implosion zone!

Goaltending is not good enough, defense are out of position and forwards dont move the puck well enough. Good team at mites or squirts when one kid could dominate, just never developed the kids as a team. Lower middle pack team.

This is funny!

Re: 05 Implosion list week 3

Reg Carling
1. Adv Ice - absolute disaster
2. SSK - winless on the season, pressure mounting
3. BJE - can beat up weak teams, playing terrible when it really counts
4. TG - Iceman and Maverick need to get on the same page of Viper will ground them
5. PC - hearing rumblings from parents

Wrapping up the season here folks. 4 out of 5 is pretty good!

Re: 05 Implosion list week 3

Way to go! How does he do it?