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Re: Maybe it's your kid?

My son's team has a few players that make the same mistakes over and over again. Asked my little Johnny what's the deal. Says they don't listen to the coaches and they're always messing around in the locker room. Ironically it's always their parents in the stands criticizing the coach.

Other kids seem to be understanding what the coach is trying to teach. Maybe the parents have a chat with their little future NHLer and it will stop hurting other players development.

I'm not a guy to go to the coach however seems like certain parents are clueless to this. Any advice?

Do you not think the coach is not well aware of how clueless the kids and the parents are. He is well aware f the same kids making the same mistakes, trust me.

And the parents should not have a talk with their kid, probably just the opposite and stop talking to them !

Re: Maybe it's your kid?

I would video tape all practices and games. Break down each shift and all CORSI stats, modified +|-...chances for and against from game tape. When taping practice it is important to use a multi-camera set up in order to catch the different viewpoints. I would also ask the coach for a practice plan so you can review each drill prior to practice which will maximize video set up. Hope this helps you and those little benders...