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Re: 05 Ice - winless

How did the team meeting go?

Re: 05 Ice - winless


Re: 05 Ice - winless

What do you care about the 2005 ice team? Are they a threat to you personally.. or your sons team? No ? .,,,then don't bash little kids! Find something better to occupy your time! If they are a threat..then encourage your kid to do some stick handling/shooting in the drive way! What's the point of posting negative things about little kids ?! BULLY?? Drunk?! Nothing better to worry about??Maybe go online and try to catch up on 5th grade math (obviously not that smart if you spend your time making fun of little kids) so you can do something positive for your son ..helpwith homework!

I say it is a current or former Wizard parent posting all this nonsense. Remember last year all the bashing they did at the end of the year when the Ice won the regular season (back to back seasons) and the playoffs. They were relentless making fun of the coach, East Boston (even though none of the kids were from eastie), parents occupation, etc. Don't let it bother you. Most of the time they are bashing TL and he is laughing all the way to the bank. Have fun, enjoy the season and who cares about what someone hiding behind this website is saying....