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Re: 05 Elite Week 4

This is not that thread. It is 05 Elite Week 4

You had me at Hello
It's morons like you that are stating all the items you listed. These teams could care less. Both Eagles and IHC know they are good teams. It's angry people like you that is the problem.

Other than the boys not playing well, which they are well aware, it is you - the parents that are all wound up about how your boys/teams are performing. You guys are insane at how you behave because of some dboard post. By the way, this thread is about imploding teams which is really about the parents and how they behave, not the boys. See you next week on the Dboard.

Re: 05 Elite Week 4

So let me get this right. The IHC and BJE lost their games because a few forwards from IHC were missing, the IHC goalie was missing, and the BJE had a forward missing. Assuming a few means 2 that would be a total of 4 players that, by your own words, are the cause of a loss or win.

Again, the above is your own words.

So what does that say about the other players? So maybe your player isn't as impactful as you may think. Maybe it is a very small handful that are truly elite. So when you bash another team or league, please understand, by your own words, your little bender may belong there.

We all know the "elite" teams around here stand above the rest solely because of 2-3 outstanding players, and the rest are all supporting cast, replaceable by any number of kids on other EHF or E9 teams, even the top end EHF Tier 1 players.

Re: 05 Elite Week 4

Casey Kasem
BJE will be there at the end of the year.

Every year start off a bit slow but by end of year they are playing their best hockey

Isles did dominate them but the 4 -1 loss this week to MMF was actually a much closer game then the score reveals.

Also they got one of their top forwards back from injury last week so the scoring issues may get better...

Must definitely give a good showing this week against some good competition...

Hey Reg. Now we got BJE with the the excuses. Scores don't count here either. Heard an 07 team got beat 19-2 this year. Don't let those 17 goals fool you. The other team was right there!

What if IHC and BJE are the same? Using same excuses
Wrong goalie
Wrong skaters
Score is wrong

Casey Kasem did know the music of the 70's but based on Casey's comments he certainly does not know local 05 hockey....Casey Kasem is dead.....