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Youth Hockey
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Re: 06 tier 1 black

How does this group shake out. New to the club hockey scene. Who's good? Who needs help? Why does black have so many more teams than white?

Who cares? They are 10. Find something better to do with your time.

I am so sorry I asked a question that I wanted the answer to . Will you be sure to let me know when the day comes that they are old enough to ask it again? Go mind your own business. Sorry to excite you with a new post that didn't peak your interest. Mom's calling, Loser.

Re: 06 tier 1 black

More teams are in Black to account for competitive balance factor.

Re: 06 tier 1 black

It's good competitive hockey.

If it's your first toe in the water from Town to Club you'll notice a significant jump in the caliber of play.