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Re: 2004 MFF - Columbus Day Tourney

Had to go home for school. Should never had been in the tourney. Lost to Floriida Alliance, screamed at their kids which was absolutely embarrassing then went home crying.

Re: 2004 MFF - Columbus Day Tourney

Was at the game. I thought SM was going to strike his daughter. He needs to stay away from those 12-yr olds... A fing disgrace if you ask me.

Re: 2004 MFF - Columbus Day Tourney

ok Mr Anon...who are you so we can ask you?

Re: 2004 MFF - Columbus Day Tourney

They are better than FL but they got out-executed in that game. FL is smart and well-coached.

What happened to their other goalie? Heard she left team abruptly but didn't get any backstory?

A little odd when a goalie who many consider one of best in country leaves best team in country?