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Re: 06 E9 Power Rankings - Week 5

Patriots!! Bet they sneak up the ranks!

Re: 06 E9 Power Rankings - Week 5

Patriots!! Bet they sneak up the ranks!

Thanks Greg!

Re: 06 E9 Power Rankings - Week 5

Good afternoon fans - a strong showing by multiple teams this past weekend which led to movement within the top 5.

1) Rifles – A step above the rest, securing #1 for another week.
2) BA – You move up and rightfully so, however the Rifles tie places you in 2nd place.
3) Patriots – Big win over VJW but the 8-1 season opener loss to BA places you behind them.
4) VJW – Moving down for the 2nd week in a row with a loss to Patriots.
5) Knights – Moving down 2 spots, after a strong showing in Parity, you have failed to beat a solid team in regular season.
6) SCS – No E9 games this weekend but you move down b/c of Pats upset, beat the Rifles next week and move up.
7) Glades – Big win over the Rifles this weekend, beat the Knights next weekend and jump to top 5.
8) ECW – Idle, was the VJW win a fluke? Rest up and shoot for the BA upset on 10/22.
9) BJR – Idle, heard team was an upgrade this year, struggles continue, parents frustrated, going to be a long season. League should mandate a move down to BHL American, current situation is good for no one.

Feel free to post comments as we look forward to several great matchups next week.

Ok Rick Springfield! Rifles will be fighting with Lovell and Glades for the final 2 playoff spots. Top 3 will be BA, VJR and SEA in any order. PATS #4. Wizards and Jr Rangers battling for the basement.

Re: 06 E9 Power Rankings - Week 5

Wow your like Nostradamus! Too early in season for your crystal ball.

Re: 06 E9 Power Rankings - Week 5

Rifles are for real and will continue to our play the competition.

Re: 06 E9 Power Rankings - Week 5

Must watch Live Barn match ups this weekend:

VJW vs. BA - will BA get the first loss on the season?
Rifles vs. Seacoast - are the Rifles for real?
Glades vs. LK - 2 day extravaganza - will LK stay above .500 after a long ride to VT?

The action starts tomorrow so tune in ASAP!