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Re: 05 Implosion list week 5

A Tie and two big wins their last three game, the Adv Ice are turning the corner! All is good at the end of runway 22.

Re: 05 Implosion list week 5

I agree that they are improving. Just remember, it is the total experience and how the parents behave. Winning helps, but as you can see from the list, winning isn't the only thing.

Re: 05 Implosion list week 5

So the rankings are out this week. The EHF 2005 Division is the best in the country with 8 teams ranked in the Top 20 overall. If you are not ready to play each weekend, you will lose. Teams are not imploding, they are facing excellent competition each week which in the end will make everyone that much better.

Oh... the misinformed. You do know that MHR is based on volunteers submitting scores for the rankings. And some of those submissions do not exits because people don't feel it is important. But guess what. Every level of the EHF has a MHR volunteer who submits scores, while numerous other leagues in this area do not submit scores or have a volunteer.

This means that that the rankings are skewed and you really think that the EHF 05 is the best in the country ???

There are plenty of teams just as good and better that did not even submit scores to MHR because it is nonsense !

you familiar with the phrase "garbage in...garbage out".

Please do not base your kids youth hockey success on the MHR ! You look and sound foolish !