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Re: Offseason

wait what?
Dynamic does a boarding camp at Merrimack. Same good skills you get from their summer long camp.

They certainly do but why settle for a hamburger when you can eat a steak? Andrews is light years ahead of any program.

and the best part of Andrews is it is just down the street --- after the flight, changing planes twice.

Nah just take the ferry.

Re: Offseason

If you are looking for personal skill development for your player these camps are useless (money grab). The focus is on group skills 15-20 players (the same as you get now) - some conditioning - scrimmage - fun. The reality is that there is not enough time to really help or develop any player at these camps (one week) and too many players to corral. If you are going to spend your money discuss with your current coach to identify what your player needs to develop and put him or her into a personal development plan over the summer - there are a lot of them out there and usually it is 3 or 4 players to one coach 1-2 times a week. Outside of that play another sport and get some variety.

If you are looking to shuttle your player off for summer camp just for fun with other kids then pick any one they are all the same.

Re: Offseason

Specific camps are 'money grabs,' O.K. now I've heard it all. If your kid does the same annual program as the other kids, then how is he going to get better? What if your kid has some weak spots in his game (like every kid), if your kid loves the game and wants to do more, if your kid can benefit from another set of eyes and a different coaching perspective, what if...what if....

Sometimes you have to work harder and get better coaching to improve and if $ is your worry then your kid picked the wrong sport and Mommy & Daddy picked the wrong professions.