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Re: Are you a real Coach or a Daddy Coach?

I'll say it again, since somebody else just brought it up: don't complain about the coach that you chose. Do a better job of finding a coach that you like next year. Do your due diligence, even if it means having some difficult, man-to-man (not email) conversations. Do what's right for your kid, don't just settle then come on here knocking guys that are giving up a significant amount of their time to coach.

Re: Are you a real Coach or a Daddy Coach?

Can anyone give an organization that has a coach that:
Is not a dad of a kid on the team?
Plans out the year with goals and objectives?
Builds practice plans centered around improving the team?
Helps develop bottom third?
Balances wins/loss with opportunities for the kids to build confidence?

Love to hear the organization that has that coach.

Re: Are you a real Coach or a Daddy Coach?

Let's get the violin out. Question is, are you a real coach or not? Is your kid the worst player on the team or the best? Do you treat him the same way as others? Would he legitimately make the team if you weren't coaching? Do you select his friends or kids he likes, or parents kids who you coach or drink with over new kids? Do you really develop hockey players or open a door? Have you progressed players to a higher level from the one you're currently coaching at?

Sounds like you're a typical daddy Coach.

1.Real coach 2.My son is the best on the team 3. harder on him than most 4.Yes
5.No 6.Develop GFY Dad!