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Youth Hockey
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Re: Super Defensive EHF Parents

If a kid plays one year in the fed in all of his youth hockey years and it goes up on the Fed website. Keep writing those checks fellas, you're kids got a chance!
As opposed to what, when a kid plays EHF for their youth years and then BA or VJW U16 for a few games?

Everybody does this. Stop with the league cr@p already. It means nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Re: Super Defensive EHF Parents

Hockey east and NHL littered with kids that played youth hockey in EHF.

Exactly what I'm talking the 1st reply asking for specific examples, here ya go. Does your kid play for the TopGun Tier 1 team?

Re: Super Defensive EHF Parents

One of these days you are all going to realize that none of this BS about the leagues matters. It's youth hockey. It's about developing your son's skills and hockey sense to move him onto the next level. Until they are 15-16 and hit the "change" and people that matter are out there watching them to see if they have what it takes, it doesn't even remotely matter what league they played in.

If they have good coaching, get playing time, and develop their skills and head for the game, NOTHING else matters.

I am going through the college recruiting process now with my 16 year old and meeting with coaches and guess what? NONE of them give a flying F about where they played when they were 9 or 10 or 13 or if would shy away from them if they god forbid played in the E9 instead of the EHF or vice versa. To be honest, none of them even really know what league is better or even care! All they care about is whether the kid is a good student, has good character, has the right skills, and knows how to play the game the right way.

A lot of you are going to be very surprised when you expect that college offer simply because your kid played for blah blah blah that went 42-2 one season in blah blah blah league. If the kid can play that garbage doesn't matter.

Amen to that brother...

Re: Super Defensive EHF Parents

You just posted how much better any e9 program was compared to an ehf program and you wonder why ehf parents are defensive

Huh? Did you read the post?

Re: Super Defensive EHF Parents

Is there a reason that any time an E9 team does well, or someone states that an E9 team would do well in the EHF the EHF parents legitimately lose their minds and attack that poster?

Is it a display of self assurance and insecurity? If you live in Cohasset/Hingham/Norwell, Advantage is a much better choice than Breakers. If you live in Springfield, the Rifles are a much better choice than the Falcons. If you live in Bridgewater/Raynham/Taunton/Middleboro, Lovell is a much better choice than the Bandits. If you live in Salem, NH, Valley Warriors are a 100 time better choice than TopGun.

Sure ultimately the EHF is a stronger league, but the extent that some of these EHF parents go to to defend the false connotation that the EHF is "A" and the E9 is "B" is insane.

Is it parents of Bandits/Falcons/TopGun that lead these charges to make themselves feel better, or is it SSK and IHC parents that are just bored?

Get out of here with your rational thoughts and common sense approach silly !!