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Re: A great example of why E9/EHF don't matter

Funny story. First they point out "Randy Hernandez isn't the son of a famous NHLer" to try to show there was no nepotism which USA Hockey has long suffered and then the go to great lengths to point out he's a Florida kid (untapped market), a hispanic kid (untapped race), who had little access to playing on good teams (USA Hockey love$ town hockey growth).

So basically the story states "see it wasn't the troubling nepotism of loading-up with legacy kids that has plagued USA Hockey (and most of hockey in general) in the past rather it was a self serving political pick which we need more of for the sport of hockey to grow (read: membership due$) the sport in the U.S."

Good luck to the kid and good luck to USA Hockey's PR efforts.
Spot on!