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Re: 05 Elite Week 7

Let me first start off by saying my kid played in the E9 for a bunch of years and now he plays in the EHF. At the 05 level I would have to say overall the EHF as a league has more depth with it's teams. But before everyone goes nuts who cares. If you play in the E9 and are on a good team with a good coach and your program provides good skills then your in good shape. My kid developed in the E9 and then played on spring teams with and against EHF kids and he fit right in. Gents, whatever league your kid is in have a plan and stick with it because in the end when the kids are 14, 15 and 16 years old the prep school coaches could careless what team or league a kid was in. Either the kid is good enough or he is not. We are lucky to have so many options. A few weeks back I was talking with a dad who son plays on a so called "Elite" team from Chicago and they pay $7,500 tuition to for their kids to play "Elite" hockey. So be thankful, take that money and get your kid some extra skills or PV in the summer...Good luck to everyone....