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Youth Hockey
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Re: Checking

USA Hockey should just start a 'Powder Puff' no checking league as they think it would make the participation numbers swell. The problem will be most kids would never do it. Kind of like how popular would Flag Football be at the high school level...the stigma of being a wussy is too great at that age.

Actually, not a bad idea but how about USA Hockey does the exact opposite and start a 'Goon Meathead' league so all the kids with size and/or little hockey skill and IQ can beat the sh*t out of each other. Their parents will feel good, the kids will still think they're playing hockey, and the players with real skill will actually get to play hockey and learn the tactics of checking in the way it was intended to be played. In fact, USA Hockey can make more money because I'd pay to watch two teams of all meatheads beat the shi*t out of each other, and you could be a coach!

already have it. its called "Midgets"