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Re: 06 Bauer Invite - Chicago

Hockey is as much physical activity as brain/mental activity. Sounds like teams in that tournament were working on both. You CAN and SHOULD train your hockey sense. These 9-10-11 year old kids are smarter than we give them credit for. I see nothing crazy about video/film review of games. It gives kids an opportunity to look at their game from the outside and accept positive criticism and corrections. Many times, when I had talked to my son about him doing or not doing this and that his response was, "No, I wasn't! No I didn't"! Well... video does not lie.

Re: 06 Bauer Invite - Chicago

Not true, I was there and the Terriers had the easiest schedule out of all the Mass teams. The only tough game the Terriers had was Team Illinois and Team Illinois controlled the game from start to finish and if there were another period they would of kept scoring.

They still made it to the quarter finals and that's better than any other team and people on this board cannot take that away from the boys. The team is also ranked higher than any other program that went from the area.

Re: 06 Bauer Invite - Chicago

Bsb shouldn't even be in the same sentence with terriers.