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U14 Kings only 1/2 Season

Buzz at the rink this weekend was that this team is only playing half season and losing a lot of players? Any truth here? Some players leaving to go to BA? I thought it was supposed to be a full season team?

Re: U14 Kings only 1/2 Season

Any truth to this?

Re: U14 Kings only 1/2 Season

They are probably in the same boat as a lot of U14 teams..they have some 8th graders who are full season and they will have to wait to see how many 9th graders make varsity at their schools to see who is left.

Re: U14 Kings only 1/2 Season

This is a full year team. they will lose some to high school but will either make due or fill the roster with other players who either decide not go play high school or don't make it. the team that won the states is the team that will go to nationals.