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Re: Always a good program

They really should be buying bandits program. It's a no brained with the new price drop. Wipe out bandits and call them the Knights @ Bridgewater. The junior program is decent, as well as off ice and training. While most of the teams peewee and lower are struggling the youngest teams (mites) are winning a few games and have the potential to do well. Now we throw in what I refer to as the "Lovell Effect". Realistically this would immediatey boost the program which in turn would lead to teams winning more games and some teams winning records at year one. The rest as they say would be history.

In case you have not taken note of their business acumen, the Lovell family is not in the business of losing money. This alone is why they should not and will never buy the Bandits.

Their model of complete control over programs while only being responsible for ice costs is a money maker. While other programs are paying 20g a month in utility bills for their building they are pocketing that change.

Their ice costs not owning a rink are much higher then if they owned. So no, they don't pocket that 20k per month. Take note!

Re: Always a good program

TL and JL don't deal with parents only kids. They are tough on, but fair to kids which is what is required for development. No BS with the rents. If you don't like it then leave! That's why they are always good.

This may be the most accurate post on the internet !

Re: Always a good program

How come Boston Advantage always has good teams. I know everyone raves about skills but really?

The program is good and the skills are good. Some birth years can compete in EHF, some would get destroyed. It is one of the more expensive programs.