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Cleadus Van****
I love the morons on this site who think they know everything about everyone else's organization. There has been big changes made with the leadership of the organization. TS has left and did absolutely nothing for the youth hockey part of the organization. They brought in Doug Shepherd from PEI Canada to run the whole organization and has total control. For people who do not know Doug he has a vast hockey background. Was the skating coach for the Winnipeg Jets and has instructed some of the biggest stars in the game Crosby Trouba etc. Check out his bio on the Bandits web site.

There are many quality coach's in the Bandits organization. from NHL and college div 1 players. My son has improved tremendously under many of these coach's tutelage. I couldn't be happier with my sons team and the direction the organization is heading. We have a great group of kids and coach's.

I do agree that the 06 & 05 teams are a total loss. Thanks to TS and that troll WN. They ran those teams into the ground.

I know its popular on this on this board to trash the Bandits. So next time you want to open your sewer know what the F!@*# your talking about and do your research. I would put my sons coach's against anyone else's in the EHF.

I'm sure the bashing will come but the OP asked for opinions, the only poster who gave feedback did not seem to be pretty objective, but will get much more entertaining