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Re: MA Hockey CCM intro series

Badger Bob
MA hockey is in a state of panic. correct me if I am wrong but this past Olympics was the first time there were no MA born player on the roster. CCM is the beginning of the reboot. lets see if it works. my guess - it will not. too many awful players being coached by idiot fathers who barely played high school being told by jealous idiot parents that their kids are "elite" players while lining the pockets of scouts, rink owners, program owners, skills coaches, family advisors and just about anyone else who will tell them their kid is great. truth be told, at any age group, there are about 5-10 true elite players who could play anywhere. we spend way to much time on watering down the product and fighting about this league and that league, this team sucks or that team is great, this team is imploding or that team is poaching players...and the best players have to navigate this crap!

its a great day for hockey - at least it should be!
So whats your suggestion, stop playing hockey at 11 if you are not a chosen one?

Not the poster, but how about 4 AAA teams in Mass instead of 100? How about a little quality control leadership from Mass hockey? These teams are AAA, all the rest are AA. Or do they not have the stones to stand up to the league owners?

I've seen this suggestion many times on this board but how could Mass Hockey stand up to any league owner? If someone wants to start a team or league and call itself AAA how could Mass hockey stop it? Is that how they do it in other states? Do they police the leagues and make sure everyone is designated as it should be? Apart from setting guidelines I don't know how they could force someone to comply with them.

The only thing I could possibly see happening is MA hockey putting together 3 or 4 teams of the best kids at certain age groups and playing in tournaments around the country. I don't know if that is something that they do now but I think that's more of a realistic scenario than them trying to pressure a team to call itself AA instead of AAA

Re: MA Hockey CCM intro series

If Mass hockey had anyone with a pea brain, they would set criteria for these orgs to "play into". Sure, allows anyone to have a chance, but still allows those with teh best programs to grow their teams and players to "play in" to the Mass AAA Division. Then you work with surrounding states (say 1hr drive major cities) to create a parity within AAA division, say maybe A and B division so when the weaker RI teams play in they are not in the top division. Sure maybe a few crossover games between A and B division to fill a schedule, or a few Showcase type games with teams that fell to AA division to give them a taste of where they need to be.

It can be done, it just takes some smarts and stones to try and set it up. Work with the Org's, give everyone a chance, the better orgs will still come out on top and make their $$$$

Re: MA Hockey CCM intro series

How were the invites determined for this event? kid did not get the invite...

I believe it was done by watching film and looking at score sheets and then determining if their was potential in each invite. Or, they just pulled a list and sent invites.

Re: MA Hockey CCM intro series

coaches nomination and confirmation from opposing coaches

Re: MA Hockey CCM intro series

If your not on the Terriers, Eagles or Islanders dont get to excited........your not making the team.

Re: MA Hockey CCM intro series

Mass hockey CCM high performance camp?

Re: MA Hockey CCM intro series

What happens now? Finished the camp last weekend.

Re: MA Hockey CCM intro series

Some unhappy happy people were not invited to this event, when I asked why, I was told that the coaches took the "entire package" into account which means, nice job dad and mom, being a pia didn't pay off this time.
I was also told their was a handful of kids who didn't go any of these sessions but will be considered for spots.