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Re: 05 Elite Week 9

Very few E9 Players move up to EHF, and further away from Mites and Squirts, its hard to do... Most EHF players cut, play in the E9 because other EHF teams are not interested as well.....

most youth Hockey players, who are discouraged playing with town team, typically go to E9 / BHL teams as first step... so E9 and BHL is filled with EHF players who can't compete or don't belong, and overachieving Youth Hockey players..

Re: 05 Elite Week 9

John Doe
Nope - the top EHF teams have 1 or 2 truly elite players which make the difference. Those are the type of kids that make up the teams like Honeybaked etc, and those are the type of kids that will go somewhere. The other 11-12 kids are very similar to everyone else in the EHF/E9 - destined to be good High School Players. And for the delusional EHF parents who think you're on par with the Honeybaked of the world, you're not. You may play with them for a game or two, but if you play 10 games you will lose 9.

Having been through it over the years I have to say you are about right. My son had a coach years ago and parents were taking about our local team being 'AAA' and how they should only play other AAA teams in tournaments and the coach (who had won national championships at the Squirt & peewee level reminded the parents that these local teams are really AA teams when compared at the national level.

Now that the team has matriculated onto college years the kids that were on the team I think one is going to play D-I (yet to be seen) after spend three years out in the midwest playing Jr. hockey, a couple left for other sports and play them in college, a handful stuck it out and are now playing D-3 hockey, a few of the smarter kids on the team elected to go to good schools and play club hockey and by looking at it a lot of it was to what extent the kid wanted to chase the dream and how badly he wanted to keep playing. In all I'd say of the kids on a very good local Squirt team, 80% of them could still be playing somewhere if they wanted to, 20% of them could be playing D-I if they wanted to commit to it....yet only one is potentially going to play D-I.

Compare that to a Honeybaked type team and you will see a totally different picture.

Re: 05 Elite Week 9

Dream on. Nobody wants you or your kid. You were on IHC as alternate they kicked you off. You stay where you are cause you have no choice.