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Re: What is it with the 05 year?

05 parents are the new 02 parents

Re: What is it with the 05 year?

And the 08 parents will be the 05 parents. It is a cycle. Figure it out big guy.

Re: What is it with the 05 year?

Meh, its cyclical. The 05's are now Pee wee age. Their dillisuonal parents think that they have made it over the hurdle and will actually continue playing high level hockey and think that now they are 11/12 it really matters.

They will come around in a few more years, when 1/3 have stopped playing, the top kids have not gotten any better and cant make teams, and the same kids that are at the bottom now while parents "that kid should not even be on the team" to everyone will end up pushing themselves to the top and excel past the others.

The funniest thing is that the 05 level is probably the thinnest age group around when it comes to talent !!

In the end, it will be the 06/07 parents next year and eventually everyone but a few will figure out they were crazy when evaluating thier own child, with the exception of the dads shopping thier kids for junior teams and then settling on watching their kid play men's league, those guys will never change !