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Re: North Shore Gils Programs

Have you ever been there? I'd love to see how you get to The Edge from Rt 128 without navigating the back roads of can't get there unless you fly into Hanscom.

You can't get there from here...

Re: North Shore Gils Programs

AV was once the only choice but is now a disaster. 19-20 skaters on U12 teams that are ruled by fear.

Wizards are the best/biggest/most successful at this point, but like all programs it depends on who the coach is.

Islanders are disorganized and driven by a quantity over quality $$$. It appears the girls are there to supplement the boys program and the soon to be no pay Jr team.

Vipers are solid but could/should be a great program given the geography. Some good teams, but the rink is a dump.

Figure out who the coach is, who runs skills and where your daughter will be the happiest . Don't worry about the logo.

Re: North Shore Gils Programs

Vipers U13 coach CH robbed a bunch of families this spring with his fake company HockeyConcepts. Buyer beware. 4 tournaments and skills. Everybody paid and got 2 tournaments and no skills. See you in court buddy!