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Re: Any rules about girls playing in Elite boys not being allowed to play down with girls?

My daughter plays for a tier 1 girls club team and she recently played a team that had a girl that clearly plays for a high level boys team (wearing pants and helmet stickers for that team, didn't recognize the colors so not sure where she plays). I heard some of the parents saying that the girl isn't even really on the team and plays on a boys team. This girl would just take over the game and it seems kinda ridiculous for her to be playing honestly. Are there rules saying that if a girl is playing at a certain level for boys she can't play girls? I know it's seems mean but it doesn't help either team to have a girl like that out there and I'm not sure why she or her parents even want her to play. I know there are rules like that in boys hockey, about playing down.

Wait until your daughter is a U16/U19 and tryouts for her program are filled with players from all over North America that need a new Sunday only club team close to their prep school. The players from the boys' team will be the least of your problem.