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Re: 06 ECW

I think the 06 team turned over the roster this season. They looked like a completely different group of players compared to last year. With that said, they have a handful of top level kids on the 06 team, but there is no depth. Only about 5 or 6 kids on that 06 team play at an elite level, the rest struggle. But the coaches have them skating hard, by the looks of their scores they aren't getting blown out anymore like they were last year. When they came to our rink we were expecting a cakewalk. We won, but they gave us all we could handle. I think its moving in the right direction albeit slowly. Not sure if those coach's will be given another year to get it right though. Their 07s are as good as any 07 team in Mass.

Re: 06 ECW

Thanks Scott!


Re: 06 ECW

Nobody beats the wiz
The answer to the op is so far off it isn't funny.
Check out the 05's also.
Coaching and skills people. Figure it out. Hire people that know the game.

Focused on long term development, look at the 03 and 04 teams.

Re: 06 ECW

Surprised to see ECW06 finished 2nd at the VJW's Thanksgiving tourney. Low level competition for sure, but eh... baby steps. Definitely a step in the right direction.

Re: 06 ECW

What's the eve?