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Re: Refs

<>I have tried to encourage both my teenage son and daughter to referee and after a couple of years of going to seminars and doing some games, they now have no interest. Its really too bad more kids don't do it because there is no other place where a kid in high school or college can make $30-$50 an hour, get a workout and meet some good people.<>

well said, but for the above: i think player burnout (too many games) leads to driving them entirely away from the game. my oldest played a ton and has barely touched his skates since HS. my second, who did not play HS, is a ref and has to pass on more games than he takes. due to his height and ability was quickly promoted.

oh sorry to say, he is rarely fazed by parents. coaches especially under bantam THINK they know the rules and/or can bully a ref. and coaches of poor teams tend to yell/blame the refs more. the coaches of better teams --- they call him over to ask 'what was the call' then retort 'what an idiot' (as in the player). they know. they call the ref as a show for that player's parent.