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Re: boston Jr rangers 04 elites - Parents

No development team.
No 09 team
08 team opted out of E9
07 team kicked out of E9
06 team needs to be kicked out of E9
05 team thanks Fusco
04 team praying to get kicked out of E9

If I owned this org I think I would slam head in the door a couple times and wake myself up

Breakaway and it's ownership is a complete joke. There are mice running around the lobby and the locker rooms. There are holes in the locker room walls. The bathrooms make South Station bathrooms look like an operating room. The ice is the worst in New England. The pro shop is never open - God forbid you need a last minute sharpening. There are massive creases between the ice and the zamboni doors that are prime for a torn ACL or worse. Last week neither of the zamboni's would start so the ice couldn't be cleaned between practices.

Forget about wins and losses, the fact that they have kids spending time in that dump is a disgrace. The owners should be ashamed and the Board of Health should shut the place down.

All that for low price of over $3K for our son to play there....

This guy def has a kid in the program.

Re: boston Jr rangers 04 elites - Parents

Maybe the owners should come on down to skills tonight and see the sh#% show.

Re: boston Jr rangers 04 elites - Parents

another 0-3-1. (thanks Flames tier 2 to give them a chance). weekend with 2 Gf and 16 GA... are you rotating kid in net... hope so for him...

Re: boston Jr rangers 04 elites - Parents

How about they switch schedules with Assabet Valley for the rest of the season? Is that unreasonable? Then next year they have to play in.

Re: boston Jr rangers 04 elites - Parents

Rangers front office could care less