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Re: EHF Parity

At the 06' age group, there are 13 black teams and 7 white teams. The bottom 3 or 4 teams in black can't compete unless they play each other. They would probably be better suited playing in the white division.

That is correct my son.

Not quite. There are 5 teams consistent and have dimiliar win %. There are 2 that have significantly low % and the rest are pretty close in the middle. What a record doesn't show this early iscthat certain n teams may have started with more difficult reams and others started with the lower end.

There is quite plenty possibly more of a skill difference from too to bottom in white than black. If those lower black treats make bed to white it would only make competitive games with the top two teams but would create more disparity between the top and bottom teams

Parity isn't perfect but every year it's the top 1-2 teams in the white that whine about having to play the weaker teams just let he the teams that made it into the blavk complained about them thevyeae before.

How do you think Breakers felt making the drive to the icenter to play monkey in the middle? Now they are at the top and complaining they are do much better then the other teams in the white it's not fair? Wah wah wah

That was in response to last years division A$$ hat, and sorry, I got to get to a real job so I didn't spell check but I suspect you get my point. Breakers are a great toem. They were above any team in the white by far. No one is denying that. My point is that now that top gun has moved from the very bottom to the very top, they think the can compete with Breakers. THEY CAN'T

1. Proof read before clicking submit. Holy **** son!

2. Breakers aren't in White, playing solidly in Black. Fact check.