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Re: 06 Vipers

Which game are you referencing? SSK vs. IHC or the Vipers vs.Rocks?

IHC has a kid who like to put a stick in kids throats...amazing when their home town refs are there what they get away with. Last time we played them several dirty hits the refs let go...but they made sure that puck went over the blue line by an inch, to call those offsides.....way to go IHC, if that's how you have to win them, who cares who gets hurt, right?

At the 06 level? There are no kids at the 06 elite level for IHC that I would label dirty or who would intentionally put a stick in a kids throat. At that age group there are handful of more physical players but none that would intentionally go after a kid. There are some dirty players but mostly with TG. You're clearly mistaken. Vipers on the other hand...

boy, it always has to be about the Elite kids doesn't it. Clearly a tier 1 post

Re: 06 Vipers

lighten up Francis. Clearly it's an 06 Vipers thread, and clearly the Bandits were mentioned and clearly IHC was thrown in...

It wasn't about Elite vs Tier 1, it was about calling a team's player out for being dirty and intentionally going after someone's throat. When you mention IHC vs SSK and a kid being dirty without a mention to how this is tied back to the original 06 vipers theme, it made sense to clarify what IHC team the poster was referencing.

I didn't mean to raise your inferiority complex when asking about which team - but "clearly" it came to the surface. Perhaps your kids play dirty because they're told that physical play will make up for their lack of skill - that's why they didn't make elite, right Dad...

Re: 06 Vipers

Looks like the OP got what they were looking for.

Re: 06 Vipers

Sorry your kid got cut!!!! Carry on!! Haven't they one a few pieces of hardware?

Re: 06 Vipers

Oh I thought that was you that pulled up in the Black Escalade