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Re: New Cape rink

Yeah let's us all speculate, lie and make **** up. Stop will all the truth and verifying what we spew is the truth.
Hi Warren - you're the one going around spouting off to everyone that you bought the Hurricanes and that you have guaranteed slots in the E9 even though everyone knows that isn't how the E9 works and that you didn't buy the Hurricanes. We all know you are a really big deal so maybe you can give it a rest for the rest of your life and put a cap on how many people despise your lying a**.

Re: New Cape rink

Looked into it and hurricanes have not been purchased and definitely not their ice time for next season. Let's end it.

I talked to a "representative" of the new owner. They say otherwise and paperwork is complete. Next on the agenda: 2017 Tryout schedule to be released

Re: New Cape rink

NOPE! Wn you haven't bought Hurricanes or their block of ice! Anyone who cares (not many do) can call the rink and find out! Have your friend Sarg print this out and tape it to your door!!