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Re: Mid season changes

Sorry your kid is about to be cut

Re: Mid season changes

More unhappy players and parents this year then ever. Players are jumping ship more and more, and parents coaches are trying to entice players to leave their current team to join another.
MS, as well as many other coaches, have been spotted in several rinks watching 05 games and practices, trying to blow smoke in someones ear...
Recipe for DISASTER, give the 11 or 12 yr old a chance to compete for 1 team for a whole season before they have to start thinking about changing sweaters. Who knows, the kid they are looking to cut may develop if they put the time into coaching the kid rather than hiding under the bleaches spying on other teams.
Also parents, watch out for your child, MS as well as others, will have parents talk to the parents of players they are targeting, and when the target bites, they will cut the kid loose whose parent was the recruiter.

No need to target MS just because you don't like him. We all know who you are and everyone knows what happened and now you have no where to go. You created the mess you are in and now you have to deal with it.

Re: Mid season changes

Yeah, you told her

Re: Mid season changes

Happens at BSB to.

Re: Mid season changes

Big Cat for Prez!