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Re: Bauer

How the kcuf does Bauer go bankrupt when all the EHF parents buy the dream of being the next Patrick Kane? Help me Dboard!

Re: Bauer

I really dont havce the energy or motivation to properly explain it, but it had alot to do with them forcing their vendors to buy more inventory than ever producing a false demand. They flooded the market with way too much stuff way too quickly and there is an over abundance of stock.

I am guessing there was a deeper problem that preceded this which caused them to go down this route.

But a hockey company that has patent on the human ankle should never worry about going bankrupt. So much of their value is in the patent. In the end things wont change much ! They will suffer if they lose some team sales, as they struggled to fill orders this year and played games with fulfilling orders.

Re: Bauer

Lol. By me ahole.

Get a life.

Re: Bauer

Lmfao now

Re: Bauer

Btw dude if we had a life we wouldn't be here