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Re: Bench clearing brawl - ice center

heard that Advantage ice 04 vs SSK 04 tier 2 get at it yesterday? anyone has details? where was the coachs?

I was there since we had a game afterwards...

SSK kid takes a slapshot from the point a couple seconds after the whistle

ICE goalie and other ICE players start chasing the SSK kid (!)

A couple SSK kids who were already on the ice get involved

ICE bench empties

About 8 seconds of mayhem, but the refs and both coaches did a pretty good job restoring calm

No issues after the game

I just watched it on Livebarn. The SSK kid should have held up but at least he threw his hands in the air to gesture, sorry(they are 11 yo kids) Nothing major happened until refs called the game and a AI kid flew out of the penalty box and started everything. It was squashed quickly hurt a few shots were thrown. If I were that coach that kid would be suspended for a game.


Re: Bench clearing brawl - ice center

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