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Re: ouch

holy crap, didn't know you could get cut from valley league. Sorry your kid got cut. Bwaahaaaa.............You are a tool.

Re: Organizations changing leagues

the leagues are such a mess they should be done with it and have one umbrella organization where everyone pays dues. It would cover insurance, ice and refs. Then you pay your individual organization a fee for practice, shirts, tournaments etc. You start off the season with parity rounds to determine the schedule for the remainder of the year. If your coach is smart you know where your team would most likely fit in. It is so stupid to have teams driving so far and playing teams that are not a good match...
I know it won't happen but it should. You shouldn't be able to just pay to get into a league that you don't belong in. Try to get a good fit and then if you are blowing everyone away or loosing bad move your team up or down in that same league. It is completely out of wack how the leagues are working. The top E9 and Top EHF teams should be in one league playing each other and the bottom EHF and bottom e9 should be in one league. The MPHL and BHL should have parity and play each other...DONE! Less driving for pitiful games and better competition. I know its not going happen but it seems to make more sense...

What you're describing already exists. It's called the Valley league. You can say what you want about the state of town hockey, but the Valley League does a fantastic job of making sure every team, good or bad, ends up in where they should be competitively and with a 30+ game schedule. Would make total sense to merge the E9/BHL right into a league they already own. The only thing it would hurt are the egos of a few select parents who think the VHL is beneath them, and the wallets of some of the crappy select programs who are claiming to be selling you a good product when we all know they aren't.

You are also describing the format of the Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League in Michigan.

All of these teams are AA/Tier 2. The AAA/Tier 1 teams (Honeybaked, Little Caesars, Belle Tire, etc.) play in another league. This would work in New England except that certain club owners would stand to lose money (and control, which is an underrated part of the equation).