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Re: Spring / Summer

Oh, please!

So, playing in a low pressure summer hockey league is the difference maker between kids who "make it" and those who don't?

Many of these spring/summer leagues have talent of all levels that prevent any real improvement of skills. The select kids show off and the town kids try to keep up. What you're not "getting" is that most of us have tried these leagues and don't see them as being that big of a difference maker. If the kid really wants to play then fine but there are more than a few that are basically made to go by overbearing parents who think they have it all figured out.

I can guarantee you in the 75% who quit there are ones driven out by moms and dads who turned hockey into a 12-month sport when the kid wanted to do other activities in the warm weather.
I didn't say ANY of that. I said that at some point kids have to start to use the off season to improve their skills. That includes strength training. It should also include other sports. But, the "old school" thinking of keeping a kid off the ice for ten weeks during the critical development years is going to cause the kid to fall behind. It's just the way it is now. Hockey players didn't used to lift weights. Now they lift after every game in the NHL. The game is different.

I also didn't say that playing solely on a tournament team - regardless of level of play - is going to develop a kid. Game play is an important part of the equation - but only a part. A small part. Less than 10%, if I had to assign a number.

If the OP had asked for the best summer skills program, I would have said Dynamic's MAX Hockey. But he seemed to want recommendations on tournament teams.

Tournament teams are a chance for a kid to try the things he's learning at speed. In fact, at different speeds. My kid has played for some top area teams each summer, he has played for some average teams. What he is able to work on in the slower games is different from what he works on at the elite level.

Plus, they're fun. Except for the refereeing, which pretty uniformly sucks in the summer. I forget that each year.

ALL the players on my kid's team, and all the kids he competes against, play on summer teams and do summer skills. The kids on his teams in the past that didn't play in the summer, or didn't play much are, pretty much, all out of the game. Think that's coincidence?

And, you can guarantee nothing. It's arrogant for you to even say it. It implies that you are smarter than everyone in the world, which I "guarantee" you isn't the case.

You have an opinion. That, and a buck, will get you a cup of coffee. You don't know my kid, I don't know yours. Don't think for a second you know what's best for my kid. I "guarantee" I don't know what's best for yours.

This comment is much better thought out than your initial one where you referred to people who disagree with your take on Summer hockey as, "ballsacks".

No, I certainly don't know what's best for your kid nor would I ever imply that I did. Also, I will stand by my "guarantee" in this particular case because I've seen it happen a few times. It doesn't mean I'm smarter than anyone else but there are kids who get tired of trying to live their parents dream and decide to do something else. It happens. Certainly not to every kid but none of us know how long our children will decide to play hockey or any other activity. Kids change. Circumstances change.

If I misread your initial comment than I apologize but I took it as a swipe at those who don't share your view on what kids should do in the off-season.
You didn't misread anything. I was building off of the reference the prior poster made, which I absolutely agree with. So, yes, I am going to be openly critical of people that spout off about how kids shouldn't play summer hockey in EVERY SINGLE THREAD asking about good summer hockey and skills. It's like a guy posting to a Corvette message board that all Corvette owners are compensating.

Like that poster said said, if you have a recommendation, make it, otherwise keep your personal philosophy to yourself. Or, better yet, start a thread on the detriments of summer hockey, so that your rants are on topic.

First of all if you read my posts you would notice I never said kids shouldn't play summer hockey. I just disagree with the premise it's absolutely necessary to be successful in youth hockey.

Second if you're getting your knickers in that much of a twist because people aren't following the rules you think should be in place maybe you should start your own thread on an invite-only basis. This is the dboard for pete's sake.
Then I wasn't referring to you, so STFU. You're the one that picked my post to completely "twist" out of context.

Oh, I see. Unless someone has express permission they not allowed to comment on one of your posts.

Have a nice day.

keep going, you two are cute...

Re: Spring / Summer

Right, you guys remind of the two kids fighting over a spot in line at the start of a drill. It doesn't matter what who was first and the coach wants to cut both of you !