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Youth Hockey
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Re: SHD hockey

Im not sure about NAPS but my kid played with SHD past 3 years...great experience!!!! St Pierre is a terrific guy and runs a top notch organization.

Re: SHD hockey

Ohhhh yes. A bunch of money grubs that are selling the dream (like many in this business of course). They'll show you a few power point presentations littered with pro players that may have played a tournament or two for them or attended one of their camps somewhere along the line and claim they're the reason behind it. They'll have spotters in the lobby making sure your player has the latest vineyard vines gear on before inviting him to go to some far away land to play in a tournament that's no different than one in Philadelphia or Boston (just against kids that live in Europe). Check the hockey backgrounds of the characters "evaluating" your kids first. If you can find one that is. With the said, they'll get a good turnout of talented kids no doubt. If you have the funds to burn (lots of them) and want to donate, go for it. Recommendation.....Stay away!
Did your kid actually go, or is your information second hand?

Re: SHD hockey

Very nice guys. But making a living and selling dreams first and foremost. Just be careful before taking out a 2nd on the house. And yes firsthand experience. And secondhand accounts as well.

Re: SHD hockey

We did one last year on a team of individual registrants. Those teams often become individual showcases with very little puck movement, positional confusion, etc., and the teams often get clubbed. Was fine to experience it once, but that was enough, mostly unimpressed with the organization. Actually think there are better outfits that do the same type of thing, but if you sign up as an individual player rather than on a whole team, it's a crapshoot.

Re: SHD hockey

Absolutely agree. Same experience. You'll get a young kid that they're paying peanuts to behind the bench. Zero coaching. Only instructions given to the boy is to make sure everyone is happy and to chase down the 3-4 parents that agreed to show up with a check. If you are just looking for ice and a weekend in beautiful buffalo....have at it.