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Youth Hockey
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Re: USPHL Youth

Because it's not a sustainable business model. The league would fold. Cannot fund through youth programs because people are not willing to pay more so older kids can play for free. Too many other options out there now. The end of the day it was a flawed model from the get-go and USA hockey will not let this happen.

The stronger programs are going to buy out or force the smaller programs to fold! It is earily similar to the Big Box stores force the mom and pops to fold. It is already happening and it is good for all.

Instead of playing on the River Hawks 1st or 2nd team, you will have a chance on playing on the Islanders 1st or 2nd team. If it doesn't happen you will have the lower level teams to fall back on but will have similar or same resources as the higher level teams ( And the Gear _ don't kid yourself- It matters )

In the end you will pay a little more...So what!! With all of the money we spend on hockey for our kids, a few hundred more is not going to create some sort of Exodus. Besides it is going to become a monopoly and the clear path to Tier 2 Jr Hockey, which now will become the preferred path to college. They will not charge a gate or perhaps will charge for a season league pass for families to come watch their kids play ( home or away). Will help defer league costs! We already pay gate fees to watch or kids play summer hockey, why wouldn't we be willing to pay a few hundred to see our kids play free jr hockey??

The previous poster either has grown kids or is in denial. Either way it is going to happen and will mostly be positive. IMHO.

Re: USPHL Youth

USPHL application for Tier II was denied by USA Hockey. So business as usual next season or do they not take no for an answer...

Hopefully, they push forward anyway. All of these East Coast players have to go out to the midwest for a year or two just to come back to play college hockey out east. F Them. I would like to hear their reasoning for denying the application that was asking for an opportunity to be heard!

Well the USHL can have nightly paying gate of 3,000 - 5,000 which no one on the east coast will be able to do. That is enough 'reasoning' for me.