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Re: RiverHawks Purchased by Gallant

You must be as stupid as you look. Read the thread moron! Agree with the BHL guy and think you idiot EHF parents need to get a grip and not a comfort grip for the shovel you will be using in the morning at your job - meatlick!

So you're agreeing with a guy who is "beating" his chest about the BHL being able to beat the EHF while bashing EHF parents for beating their chest about being better than the BHL....hmmmmm

Why so defensive BHL guy? If you know your league is so great than why the need to prove it big guy?[/quote]

why so insecure EHF dad? If your league really is so superior there would be no need to emphasize it in every single thread.

Re: RiverHawks Purchased by Gallant

Islanders website for starters