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Re: Midget full season

looks as if we have a battle of mental midgets !!!

Re: Midget full season

Plenty of u16 no 15 that I know of...and no buddy I'm not lazy ...and it's your lazy not you lazy go back to school.

It's actually "you're" lazy, not your OR you. You are both morons!

Re: Midget full season

Does anyone know of any full season midget teams next year I would like my son to play another full season.

Unless I am just taking the bait and you are kidding, there are really two options. Monarchs if you are north BA if you are south.

I am not 100% sure, about BA and whether or not they will have U15 next season in T1EHL or just U16. The Monarchs will have U15 in the T1EHL.

The problem with those programs is the Jekyll and Hyde nature of their seasons. On the one hand you will play in 4-5 showcases against some of the top teams in the country. when not doing that the schedule is light as well as light weight.

Lovell's group has been doing that program for a few years and is building momentum there. The Monarch's were in it for the first time this season. The U14 group did ok but had to import tourney players when they travelled.

The other struggle is that it is pretty expensive. Not $44k prep expensive, but like $8-9k pay to play juniors expensive.

Then you need to do your own research to evaluate the coaching. Monarchs guys is iffy, I thought TL coached the BA himself, but I don't know.

Junior B's and IHC plus I heard Seacoast was expanding to full season U16.