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Re: Parents without commitment

Yes drinking and drugging is a thing. You know that that's why you have supervised visitation. Now for the emoji. If I call you a ******* dumb ass ************ and a ******* ******* you can't see. Lazy 💩!! Like I said get out of bed clear the Cobwebs clean yourself up. Your bender needs you. I'm tired of explaining to him why your not at games. Can I spell it out any clearer for you.

Are you a woman or a man? If you're a man - chill. If you're a woman...what are you wearing right now? I think you're a woman

She's wearing her Mite Major's team's track suit and hat. Aren't you paying attention to the other threads?

Re: Parents without commitment

Frustrated parent 😡
Why do parents put their children on teams then don't commit? When you join a team or put your son or daughter on a team why don't you show up? Most can't drive themselves. Practice , skills , off ice training and games are all part of your tuition.

Probably because they play on another team and they have conflicts, but they show up on some game days, take ice away from your kid and probably are not paying. If they had made the full financial commitment then they would be there.

The bigger issue if this is the case, is why your team has "alternates" or "part timers"

Re: Parents without commitment

She said the parents ***** when the kid doesn't play. Fringe players, on a low level team, either playing on two teams or playing another sport. Not difference makers.

Re: Parents without commitment

Three 05 parents committed to McLean just this weekend!