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Re: Islander 05 Elite

Continues to prove the theory of put all the "best players" on one team and the wins will come

You need to BUILD not BUY(or give free tuition)to make a good team.

Re: Islander 05 Elite

Islanders 05 are far from a collection of "best players" Some very good and some very average. They are right where they should be.

Re: Islander 05 Elite

Some kids dont belong. Tough to coach when you got to hide kids.

Re: Islander 05 Elite

The season is still young my friends!

Re: Islander 05 Elite

What a freaking beating!

Re: Islander 05 Elite

Obviously an off day for the Isles, but that team is not a top level EHF team.

Re: Islander 05 Elite

Eagles nest
The MHR must really Sting. All that talk of the Eagles falling off this year and.....

BJE #10
IHC #12

Looks like another late start. Cream always rises to the top. Sorry Mike

Dont get to far ahead of yourself! Still got the caps to deal with...