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Re: How to over throw a coach?

It's that time a year again and whether you like it or not it's time to start planning on next year.
A critical factor to the teams success is the coach and the coaching staff. If your child is surrounded by good kids who show promise but you and the other parents have concerns about the coach and or the assistants what are the best ways to remove them?

Idiot ........

Gotta admit there are teams with players who definitely have the potential but the coaches don't know how to develop them. At 5+k a year the question is legit.

if it is the wrong coach you are on the wrong team. put development over league and you might be surprised of what you can find.

+1 on this reply. Put aside your ego and go with the best coach, even if not in the best league.

Re: How to over throw a coach?

If the coach sucks and he has a kid on the team that sucks, then you need to get him fired. He has to go and be a daddy coach for town hockey.

Re: How to over throw a coach?

I think unfortunately you have to leave, or risk earning a reputation as a nightmare parent. I've been taking my kid a little further from home for years avoiding the closest option because of the situation there. Would love the convenience of playing there, but not worth the angst. There are too many options in our area to let yourself become "that guy".

Re: How to over throw a coach?

Overthrow is one word.
Sit in the stands and read a book instead.