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Re: 05 EHF parents are delusional

You have no idea who will be playing as freshman in 3 years including the 2 who play up. To say there are only 5 is just a guess on your part. A lot changes as the boys hit puberty. Stop ripping the 05 parents just because you think your kid is one of the 5 you mention. From what I have seen the gap has closed between your kid and others. So stop talking down to other parents as it might be you looking up at other kids in the next few years.

You must be one of those parents with a bender who thinks its about size. That idea will get shattered very soon.

Re: 05 EHF parents are delusional

dont have an 05 but had to respond b/c you're clueless. They haven't hit puberty or started checking yet - it's a different game a lot will change.

Re: 05 EHF parents are delusional

Have more than one playing. Stars were aligned funny in 2005, craziest parents ever. And yes, until they hit puberty and grow and find their own motivation, no idea how it will turn out. Sometimes kids change dramatically and the water bugs loose their shine as do the kids that were big first. Just support your player and instil a work ethic, see what happens.

Re: 05 EHF parents are delusional

Nope. my kid is an 04 EHF player. I am just so sick of the 05 parent year.

Your kids aren't that good and you will soon find out in High School.

The 05 parents are sick of you too and that is why your son plays up. Your kid is not that good either and all the parents think you are a donkey....

Re: 05 EHF parents are delusional

I love the 05 threads! I cant believe there are some many idiot parents that far out of touch with reality. Keep it up guys, your all very entertaining!