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Re: Owners who care the least?

They are all businesses. They are out to make money. I'm sure you want to make money at your job, right? With that being said, they are all the same. Most offer the same things. If you talk to anyone, they all see to be happy if they like their coach and/or they are winning. Parents are just as bad. They think a winning team equates to a good program. Not always the case.

Re: Owners who care the least?

Keith H, Falcons,,,,,, roll the lines.!!!!!!

Re: Owners who care the least?

lol so true

Re: Owners who care the least?

Its funny that all of the complainers are loosing organizations. Dont see Islanders, Eagles, Flames, Terriers, VJW, Wizards....If your team was .500 or better your outlook would be different but you have blinders on to wins vs losses which equals the owner doesnt care yet you go back year after year. The reason you go back is because your player cant make a top team and that pi$$e$ you off soooooooo blame someone else. Babies, all of you.