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DBoard Crazy

This hockey board kills one is happy with their organization or is bashing other organizations....what especially kills me is that in most cases we are talking about 8-13 year old kids. If you believed this board, you would believe your kid would never make as a hockey player....develop kids! This is more satisfying then a winning record...It does take non-stars (role players) to win too. If your kid is happy and you see him/her improve every year then stick with the program. If your kid is not good enough to make a select team with a good coach (does not matter the level); play town and get them extra skills outside town.

No my kid did not get cut...he is not a bender....more of a slightly above average 10 year old goalie!

Re: DBoard Crazy

Thank you for the resume but save it! If your kid is an ok goalie then your he will not get cut until high school. Good luck!

Re: DBoard Crazy

Because you are a goalie expert that knows how a 10 year old will are everything that is wrong with this board and youth hockey!!

Re: DBoard Crazy

I like the organization my son plays for and I post here. We're not all crazy. It's the vocal minority that keep this site going though.