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Youth Hockey
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Re: USA Hockey Intelligym

Yes, I have experience with it. I think the theory is great and the younger generation are much more comfortable learning with a computer than previous generations. With that said it wasn't for my kid who does not like video games or is attached to an ipad or computer or he may have utilized it more.

but he would rather spend his time stickhalding in the house or just being active, so we discontinued it.

I would give it a try !

Re: USA Hockey Intelligym

Fckning joke

Re: USA Hockey Intelligym

Tried it for my two kids for ~3 months. The main issue is the "intelligence" of the computer teammates/opponents is terrible, so it promotes puck hogging-- which seems like exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to accomplish. At least NHL 17 would be fun to play, and cheaper too. The real solution is pond hockey.