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Youth Hockey
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Re: E9/BhL travel just got better

Solid response RB. Have another one.

E9 is a grasping for straws. Hope you use your gas points the right way. Parents you really must love spending all your family time in a car for a 70 minute game.

Kids won't remember who they played years from now they will remember all the quality time they had playing Pokemon, Minecraft, and watching movies in a car. Another reason why youth hockey is so messed up in this area. Really need to blow the whole thing up and start over again.

4000 kids play D1 hockey in the USA. USA hockey has about 300,000 kids under 16 playing. Ask yourself, is this madness really worth it?

Re: E9/BhL travel just got better

That will be for the BHL. Those teams won't qualify for E9. So yes if your team is BHL and you have a good town hockey coach make the move.