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Re: Walpole express yankee conference

I do wonder why anyone would pay select hockey prices to have their kid play in the Yankee Conference?

You can go to your local Town C team for half the price.

Yeah. Sitting here reading this saying wait a minute, all our town teams play in the SSC. Except the C level teams that blow. They get slotted in Yankee.

Why would a club team play in Yankee?


Re: Walpole express yankee conference

Bc most Walpole kids are C players whose parents want to call them elite.

Re: Walpole express yankee conference

I've had my kid On the Walpole express yankee conference team. He has been on the team for 3 years and he is gonna enter his freshman year next year at Thayer. He is the best player on express and his team wins evey game in the yankee conference the best conference in mass. What are the odds he makes varsity freshmen year.

Troll post.

Only the 3rd and 4th Express teams at each age level play in the Yankee Conference. Those teams even call themselves "the misfits." They know who and what they are. This guy posting is just trying to stir the pot because he has nothing better to do with his time. At this time of year, we should all pity a guy like this...

Best of luck man, hopefully things get better for you.